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It is professional education in drawing and painting in contemporary and traditional techniques from well-known and commercially successful artists
  1. Start an art challenge
Sketch notes of Dutch illustrator Thomas Rohlfs

Regularity is the exetremely important for improving creativity. For example, you can join some art challenges or create one by your own. Don’t forget to decide the technique you want to practice, the challenge period (for example, you challenge yourself to draw every day for 30 minutes for a month) and it will also be useful to announce the challenge on your social networks and post the results there. This will create the illusion that you are being watched by other people (or maybe you will be!) and help to keep your practice.

2. Find your…

Every novice artist wants to become successful and to see artworks in galleries, right? So here are some things that you should and should not do to making a positive impression on gallery owners and taking the steps necessary to turn your hard work and passion into a great art career.

  1. Cold calls do not work

It seems like an evident first step: just walk into a gallery, introduce yourself, and ask if they would represent you and your art. But we don’t recommend you to do this. If you haven’t built a relationship with the gallery, they don’t have…

What medium do fashion illustrators use?

We have analyzed the techniques and preferences of six well-known fashion illustrators. Let’s figure out what medium do they use and what is the secret of their success.

Cecilia Carlstedt

The artist Cecilia Carlstedt was born in Stockholm and was interested in illustration since her childhood. Later this interest was determined by the direction of professional education: Cecilia graduated from the London College of Communication in the direction of graphic design. In her work, she uses watercolors, graphics, and collage techniques, as well as the tools of digital illustration. …

How and why different forms react to light? Understanding this process will help you when you approach your next painting. And you may apply these newly learned principles to any subject.

We’d like to address some principles of form modeling. It’s helpful to understand because it guides your looking.

And speaking about form modeling principles in this little diagram here, because we’d like to point out the difference between two kinds of shadows, formed shadow edges, that is a form shadow edge and cast shadow edges.

So we all know this is the form shadow edge, and as the form…

Modern art can be difficult to understand without context. But if we don’t understand the meaning of an artwork right away, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Let’s figure out what scientific discoveries and historical events inspired artists to unexpected artworks in the 20th century.

Scientific progress

One of the important questions for the art of the XX century is «How Science Changes Our World». For the first time, this topic was touched by futurists at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Artists reflected on space, consciousness and the place of a human in the world. At the end of…

Yu Jie Cai

In this material, we are sharing a few simple and effective secrets used by Taiwanese watercolorist Yu-Jie Cai. It will help you to draw a human in watercolor sketching technique in particular and to improve your skills in watercolor painting in general. Enjoy!

  1. An important role in the depiction of a human figure in the movement is played by the artist’s skill of observing. The easiest way to train this skill is to watch passers-by. You can go outside or just look out the window and make a quick sketch using liner.
  2. The artist advises to do a quick sketch…

Nine contemporary artists from Great Britain, South Africa, Italy, India, USA, Russia, France and Colombia spoke about what music helps them in their creativity. It’s amazing how their musical taste fits into the works that come out of their hands!

Ben Ashton and electronic ambient

Britain artist Ben Aston paints beautiful and scared distorted portraits and listens to ambient, usually The passenger band.

Karla Bosch and jazz improvisations

Vivid and bright landscape painter Karla Bosch from South Africa loves under jazz improvisations of French pianist Jacques Loussier, especially the album «Play Bach №1».

Bassist Kumar and remixes of Eastern Ethnics

The artist from Thailand, Gank Pansuay, creates emotional female portraits and teaches his painting technique online at ARTLIFE ACADEMY. In this interview, he told about sources of inspiration, key points on the artist’s path and the first sold painting.

AA: Where are you from?

GP: I’m from Prachuab Khiri Khan province, Thailand.

AA: Who influenced your love of art?

GP: When I was a child I often saw my brother drawing cartoons. I think it was the beginning of the fascinating in art. Later, when I started to study arts in Petchaburi college, I admired my teacher. …


To influence viewers artists need to consider the structure of the human brain and its processes. Let’s figure out how everything works and what to look for to be understood from the point of view of neurophysiology.

All paths lead to the brain. It used to be believed that the beauty of an image depends on the proportions of the golden ratio. Now it turns out that this is not enough, that the brain is more complex. Aesthetic feeling arises as a combination of psychophysiological, neurophysiological and neurochemical processes in the brain.

Neuroaesthetics is a science at the intersection of…

Nature is the best artist and an endless source of inspiration for landscape painters Prafull Savant (India) and Igor Mosiychuk (Ukraine), who shared the secrets of depicting the depth of the sky and aerial urban perspective.


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