Gank Pansuay: Paintings as a way to express emotions

6 min readMar 2, 2021

The artist from Thailand, Gank Pansuay, creates emotional female portraits and teaches his painting technique online at ARTLIFE ACADEMY. In this interview, he told about sources of inspiration, key points on the artist’s path and the first sold painting.

AA: Where are you from?

GP: I’m from Prachuab Khiri Khan province, Thailand.

AA: Who influenced your love of art?

GP: When I was a child I often saw my brother drawing cartoons. I think it was the beginning of the fascinating in art. Later, when I started to study arts in Petchaburi college, I admired my teacher. I remembered I was so excited when I saw his paintings… It made me feel strongly confident to study arts.

AA: How and where did you study painting?

GP: I started to study art in Petchaburi college for 3 years and then continuing studying in King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang for 4 years, majoring in fine arts.

AA: Do you think it is necessary for the artist not only to develop within the educational system, but also to study the art on his own?

GP: Yes, it is significantly needed. It made me develop my own skills faster. The most important thing is our unique style, which we earn beyond what we learn from school.

AA: From all the arts, why did you choose painting?

GP: In my opinion, painting is a kind of process that is fastest responsive toward our emotions immediately and straightforwardly.

AA: What advice could you give to young artists?

GP: For me, «young» is not about age. We can be young at any age. So, it’s helpful to bring out all of your imagination. It’s very important and needed for making art. Keep on moving, be confident and never lose faith in yourself. The most important thing, good work will not be happened without taking any action. So, keep up on practicing and never give up.

AA: What idea stands below your paintings?

GP: My artworks reflect the beauty of youth, I want to convey through them emotional states that are read without words.

AA: What do you consider your greatest achievement at the moment?

GP: I feel more solemn with it, I can paint without any boredom. And I never feel burnt out and still happy to do it.

AA: What is a success for you?

GP: A success for artist might be when he can fully express himself through his artworks and inspire others.

AA: If you had the opportunity to meet one of the brilliant artists of the past or present, who would it be? What would you like to talk about?

GP: Absolutely, Van Gough! I would say: «Nice to meet you, сheers!»

AA: Are you familiar with the competition between artists? How do you feel about that?

GP: Yes, it’s a common situation. I think it is a good point to boost up my effort and develop my work.

AA: Are you familiar with creative crises? What helps you deal with them?

GP: When I have no idea of creation, I prefer to stop and go out to get some inspiration, like travel or playing guitar.

AA: What countries have you visited and which one is remembered the most?

GP: Bahrain. I had been worked there almost a year, and during all that time I was alone: no friends, no familiar people. It was unique experience.

AA: What inspires you?

GP: I consume many sorts of arts: music, magazines, fashion, documentary or movies to widen my point of view. Also people and nature inspire me and expressed in my artworks directly. I love to observe people’s faces and emotional expressions which linking with nature being.

AA: What music do you like to listen to?

GP: So many kinds of music (Folk, Blues, Psychedelic, Jazz, Chillout and etc.). It depends on each period of time and my emotions at that period.

AA: Do the artworks of others inspire you? The viewing other people’s pictures help or hinder the process?

GP: Yes, it’s helpful if you know how to use it appropriately and it would be hinder also if we too much cling to it.

AA: Have you encountered plagiarism? How do you treat it, how are you protected from copying by others?

GP: Of course, but it just reminds me to keep being enthusiastic to work harder and better.

AA: What time of the day do you prefer to paint?

GP: I love nighttime, it’s like a time of the dream, it’s quiet and peaceful. The best time and the best atmosphere to work!

AA: When do you feel happy?

GP: When I get up in the morning and smile to the new day and its opportunities!

AA: What is the most important for you as an artist?

GP: Faith and love to yourself.

AA: Do you remember the first picture sold? Who bought it, how much did it cost? How was it, what feelings?

GP: Yes, I still remember. It was very pleasant and unexpected! My artwork was sold to the Principal Governor of Phetchaburi Province for $50. It was a watercolor painting of the Pethcaburi city landscape.

AA: When a new client comes to you, are you ready for «every whim for his money» or do you insist on your own vision?

GP: I definitely insist on my own vision.

AA: How do you feel about fashion trends in art?

GP: We are in the contemporary era, and all things are combined and mixed. I think, we have nothing new and fixed now. And it gives freedom to artists.

AA: Describe your viewer (buyer): who is he, what does he like, what does he interested in?

GP: Mostly, they are foreigners from all around the world. As I talked to them, they do especially interested in the face, eyes expression, tone of colors and unique style of painting.

AA: Do you find it difficult to voice the price of your artworks?

GP: No, I don’t think it’s difficult. I commonly perceive the customer’s reaction, and everything go on step by step.

AA: What is the most stupid question about your work you received?

GP: The most stupid question which I ever received was «Why your painting are more expensive than others despite they are smaller?» Value is not just a matter of size.

AA: Among your closest social circle do you have other artists? Do you like to discuss the working process and artworks of each other?

GP: I have many groups of friends, there are artists also. We frequently exchange ideas, opinions and problems with each other. I think sometimes other people may have seen our flaws better than we.

AA: What is more important for you: the process of painting or the result?

GP: Both are important actually. But personally, I do prefer the process, because most of the time, the process has become a variable that affects a change of unexpected result.

AA: What is the ability to draw for you: gift, predisposition, diligence, skill?

GP: For me, all of them are come together and have to work consistently.

AA: Is it possible to instill in any person a taste for creativity or art — the inheritance of the elect?

GP: I think that everything can be developed. We all learn from each other, learn about culture, traditions, technology. Even the taste and creative way of thinking can be developed if enough effort is made. Without effort, there will never be a result, even if you were born very talented. So the important thing is to continue to create and never give up!

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