How to create a realistic landscape in watercolor?

3 min readFeb 12, 2021

Nature is the best artist and an endless source of inspiration for landscape painters Prafull Savant (India) and Igor Mosiychuk (Ukraine), who shared the secrets of depicting the depth of the sky and aerial urban perspective.

The artworks by Igor Mosiychuk (Ukraine)

How to realistically depict the sky in watercolor?

  • Artist Igor Mosiychuk advises starting the artwork creation on top of the sheet, gradually moving downward;
  • Apply the background color with a paintbrush;
  • Add the necessary shades with the help of a large round brush. For example, if the background is painted in light blue, more saturated blue and purple tones will look harmonious;
  • It is important not to paint over the sheet completely, leaving white space. So the image is given airiness;
  • Remove excess water and paint with a rolled dry cloth or paper towel. You can also add cloud texture with blotting movements.

How to make an aerial cityscape perspective?

To depict a realistic perspective filled with air, Indian watercolorist Prafull Sawant recommends the following algorithm:

  • Create a fast sketch of the future landscape with a graphite pencil;
  • On top of it with a flat paintbrush, apply shades of the background using a gradient. Dry the work carefully using a hairdryer;
  • With a large filbert brush add shadows and highlights;
  • Detail the image, starting from the general to the particular.
The artworks by Prafull Savant (India)

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The artworks by Roberto Zangarelli

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