Top 5 Creative Projects For Artists

Creativity is a skill. If you want to improve it, these 5 projects can be helpful. Enjoy!

3 min readJul 20, 2021
  1. Start an art challenge
Sketch notes of Dutch illustrator Thomas Rohlfs

Regularity is the exetremely important for improving creativity. For example, you can join some art challenges or create one by your own. Don’t forget to decide the technique you want to practice, the challenge period (for example, you challenge yourself to draw every day for 30 minutes for a month) and it will also be useful to announce the challenge on your social networks and post the results there. This will create the illusion that you are being watched by other people (or maybe you will be!) and help to keep your practice.

2. Find your own style by copying other’s artworks

Vincent van Gogh, The Good Samaritan (after Delacroix), 1890 VS Eugene Delacroix, The Good Samaritan, 1849

Sometimes we stuck in the lack of inspiration and need some fresh ideas. If you find yourself in a creative crisis, copying someone else’s work will help you out. It’s not about plagiarism, it’s about finding the ideas that inspire you, rewriting them, adding something new, and starting to create. Even van Gogh made this! Why don’t you? Helpful sourses of inspiration are Instagram accounts of contemporary artists, Pinterest or even online galleries.

3. Find the new form of creativity

Pop-up book by Silvia Hijano Coullaut

Often the new form, style or technique may help to make our life more interesting. For example, you can create alternative books covers, try the papercraft or even the embroidery, why not?! There are so many forms of art! Maybe you just need to find something that will totally take over your mind. You don’t have to choose only one art form. Remember: the greatest art projects are based on different forms of creativity!

4. Join to an art community

Young guests of ARTLIFE FEST are sharing their ideas and emotions

We become like the people who surround us. Look at your surroundings. What do your friends do, what are the hobbies of your colleagues and fellow students? Sometimes, when we lack creative energy, we can make up for it simply by communicating with creative people. See what communities there are in your city, and join them. Discussing new ideas and, in general, talking about common interests and problems can give much more than it seems.

5. Use online courses as a tool

The process of master-class’s recording during the ARTLIFE FEST

We are so lucky that today almost any skill can be learned online. But it is very important that online education is of high quality. Such courses are offered to students by the International Online Academy of Painting ARTLIFE. For example, if you are a novice artist, at the academy you can try your hand at such interesting areas as fashion illustration or urban sketching. And if you are already an artist with experience, then you will benefit from master classes of commercially successful artists from around the world, recorded in HD quality and available online.

Go to the Academy’s website and choose the tool that will help you develop creativity. We believe in you!




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